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    The Food Standards and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI) is the supreme authority which is responsible for regulating and supervising the food safety. It is mandatory for all the Food Business Operators (FBOs) in order to obtain an FSSAI license or Food Licenses. Food license is mandatory to carry any business activity which deals with production, manufacture, processing, distribution, selling, import, export, stock of any food article or beverage and it includes Dairy Business, Meat processing, Hotels.

    Major Registration under FSSAI are :

    Registration : Any person engaged in any business and deals with food article and beverage. Turn over Rs. 0- Rs. -12 lakhs.. The Food business operators like petty food manufacturers and also the small-sized manufacturers, storage units, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors etc are thus required to obtain the FSSAI Registration. State or Registration license. It is thus mostly for the units having an annual turnover which is up to 12 lakh. The maximum tenure of this license is 5 years and the minimum is 1 year

    State FSSAI license – Turnover Rs. 12 lakhs to 20 crore per annum. Food business operators like small to medium-sized manufacturers, storage units, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors etc. are however required to obtain the Fssai State License

    Central FSSAI license- Turn over Rs. 20 Crore or more or business operations in more than one state. Food business operators such as the Importers, 100% Export Oriented Units, large manufacturers, operators in the Central Government agencies, airports, seaports etc are however required to obtain a Central Food License. The Central license is issued by the Central Government. Furthermore, FBOs have to obtain the Central License for their head office, and if they have operations in more than 1 state.
    Procedure for Obtaining FSSAI Registration
    1. FSSAI registration is initiated by submitting Form A (application) to food and safety department.
    2. This application can be accepted or it may be rejected by the Department within 7 days from the application date and the fact has to be intimated to the applicant in writing
    3. If the application is accepted, then the department will grant a registration certificate with the registration number and the photo of the applicant.
    4. FBO should prominently display the certificate of registration at the place of business during the business hours.
    Common documents required for obtaining FSSAI registration
    1. Form B – completed and signed
    2. Photo Identity of FBO
    3. Proof of possession of premises (eg. Rental Agreement )
    4. Partnership Deed / Certificate of Incorporation / Articles of Association etc
    5. List of food products to be dealt with
    6. Food safety management system plan